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Momma I'm famous! (Our first magazine article)

Last month I was honored to be featured in the Haven magazine. They reached out to me via email asking if they could write an article about our bakery and it sounded like a fun idea!

Two ladies came to the bakery. Amy, the magazine editor and photographer, and Tara, the managing editor in charge of writing our story. Tara had the most beautiful styled purple hair. I later found out she loves cats too! They asked me about our story. It was a very casual conversation. I showed them around and they met my team. We gave them some goodies for their team and off they went. I didn't really know what to expect until the article came out. 

An instagram friend, that is also the son of one of my team mates, was the one who discovered the article! He tagged me in the post and sent me some pictures. He was very kind to give me his copy so I could read it. Haven Magazine did an outstanding job telling our story. I wouldn't have told it better. They made me relive the story and remembered a lot of things I'd forgotten. 

Tara also dropped a stack of magazines later that day. I shared them with my closest people and took pictures to immortalize it.  I'm also saving one issue for my mom when she comes to visit me...because my mom is my #1 fan!

Read the full article here:

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